Secrecy Branch

Secrecy Branch

The Secrecy Branch of CDLU is ardently committed for making the required arrangements for getting the papers set from the experts whose names are duly recommended by the concerned Chairpersons of UGBOS & PGBOS with high confidentiality. The branch also handles the work of evaluation of Answer Books is being done from the evaluators of the concerned departments and through Spot Evaluation Centres which are established in various affiliated colleges of 2 districts i.e. Sirsa & Fatehabad. The work of Paper Setting & Evaluation is being done as per University Ordinance Volume-II. The branch also makes the payment for remuneration of Paper Setters and Examiners as per rate approved by the University. The branch continuously aims to make the work more secretive & the process more expeditious via the use of a Database Management System of Microsoft (MS Access), which also helps us save our money & environment. The branch is also committed to boost the transparency in the workflow and minimize the bugs, thereby standing to our motto of maintaining the credibility of the name of Secrecy Branch.

Staff Members:

Assistant Registrar: - Sh. Sanjay Tiwari

Assistant-I: - Sh. Ram Pal (Set-I)                                                                      

Clerk-I: - Sh. Ravinder Kumar                                                                                            

Clerk-III: - Sh. Rupesh Kumar                                                                                   

Helper-I: - Sh. Youdhister Datta                                                                                              

Peon: - Mrs. Meena     

Assistant-II: - Sh. Hari Ram(Set-II)     

Clerk-II: - Sh. Rajesh Kumar            

Clerk-IV: - Sh. Jannat Kaswan       

Helper-II:- Sh. Khyali Ram                                                    

Scanning Section

Junior Programmer   Mrs.Swati

 Assistant                    Sh.Sanjay Kumar

Assistant                      Miss Sonika