Registrar’s Message


Vice Chancellor

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bansal

Hon'ble Registrar

Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana

The future belongs to those who believe in the capabilities of young minds. At CDLU all our endeavours of achieving academic excellence are driven with the goal of creating a solid edifice for a brilliant future of our youth. The pledge to follow the path of achievements and accomplishments is leading us towards imposing apexes. In spite of being in its infancy stage, CDLU is heading towards achieving finesse on academic and non-academic horizons through consistent hard work and commitment.

A concrete demonstration of the extraordinary passion and commitment, recognition for its proactive governance, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities; well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment, highly qualified & experienced faculty members and best practices in teaching and learning processes makes the University  one of the fastest growing    University.
Moreover, the University is committed to build an advantageous environment for  dissemination of knowledge guided by pioneering philosophy and scientific enquiry. CDLU has already in process of implementation of NEP-2020 and started the new academic programmes in USGS accordingly. UCOPE has been established to launch more society oriented and social outreach programmes.

Facility of on-line admissions, Learning Outcomes Curriculum Framework, Credit Based Evaluation System, students’ participation and involvement in academic and co-curricular works throughout the semester, well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment, Students are provided with abundant opportunities to exhibit their talents in various fields like sports, cultural activities, and many more. The separate hostels for girls and boys, duteous care and systematic planning at various levels make CDLU a torch bearer of the new generation and their brilliant future.

With the patronage of state government and incessant inspiration of vice chancellor, active participation of teachers, researchers and employees, Ch Devi Lal University is persistently endeavouring to attain academic excellence and create a concrete edifice for an excellent future of our youth.